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Evron is a green energy tech brand that provides cutting-edge product solutions to make buildings self-sufficient.


The wordmark of EVRON is easily recognizable throughout the world. The logo is simple, minimal, well-balanced and elegant. The black and white color scheme symbolizes high-end solution, elegance and power.

The condensed version of the logotype, the three bars of the « E »
and the ignition symbol for the« O » are used as a symbol.

We helped EVRON develop their logo and wordmark into a brand that was ready for launch.

The color

Blue is the main brand color and should be used in whatever we create. Blue can be used with any other brand color to add emphasis, highlights and contrast.

It can in certain cases be used for large fills and backgrounds. But for the most part should be used for highlights with moderation. Evron must be portrayed at all time as high-end energy product developper. It is therefor important to keep balance and white space in mind when using the color palette


Outfit is minimal and timeless sans serif font,
it carries with elegance and simplicity the message of Evron.
Its round letters are pleasing to the eye and legible in both small and large type.

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