Strategy: Brand Strategy, Positioning
Design: Brand Revamp, Packaging, Iconography
Digital: Web Design, UI Kit, Front End

Development of a new strategic
position and a refreshed brand identity for YASAI — a Swiss vertical farming company.


Yasai commissioned us to revamp the brand while keeping their original logo. We proceeded to work around the existing logo in order to create a variety of different applications, one example being the label on the right.

The Colour

The primary set of colors are the brand official colors black, light grey and mint green. These colors give the brand a techy, modern, and savvy look and feel. The striking mint green is best used to bring attention and contrast to the content displayed; these colors should be used for CTA, highlighting important facts, or presenting data.

The secondary set of colors is a more playful palette meant to be used for the marketing of Yasai products, recipes, and packaging directly to the consumer. Its purpose is to give the products a more approachable and foodie look and feel that will resonate with customers.


Sawton Circular is a bold and raw font that has a lot of character. It fits perfectly with the brand objective of starting a movement and defending the cause of a more sustainable future. Sawton’s powerful typeface gets the point across.


The goal in packaging was to stand out from competition once in the supermarket. After noticing that competitors in the sector of vertical farming tended to go for craft packaging, we opted for a mainly black and white design that would both stand out and convey a high-end look and feel.

Social Media

Examples of brand application in Instagram posts & stories.

Web Design

Application of the brand guideline
on the brand website

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