YASAI provides a fully-integrated solution that allows customers to build, operate, and market their vertical farms and products.

YASAI creates circular food production systems in cities and regions where agricultural resources, such as freshwater and fertile arable land, are scarce.


Our challenge was to turn a tech startup into a market-ready brand with a design vision between tech and food, inspiring imagery and a storyline that harmoniously merges all together. Apart from the Logo, we developed an entirely new look and provided all the tools to independently communicate the new brand on a high and consistent level.

Brand guidelines



A lot of dedication and vision went into developing this versatile and holistic website between product and tech solution. What seemed like a stretch at the beginning turned out to be an exciting and beautiful match.

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The future is vertical

Product design

The final step of this episode was to develop a unique and eye-catching packaging that could help YASAI enter the market and hit the shelves all across Switzerland.