THE 360° HOSPITALITY platform

Design and development of an innovative platform with the aim of transforming the hospitality industry through the use of long-term sustainable solutions.


We developed the creative brand positioning and created a distinctive brand identity and name that effectively communicates their unique value. Each aspect is consistent with the story and design, resulting in a brand book that captures who they are, what they do, and why it's important.

  • Dynamic

  • Sophisticated

  • Innovative

  • Global


In collaboration with the project's initiators, Monoplan, IGP, and W&P Engineering, our team had the privilege to concept and execute the development of this groundbreaking platform.

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The Initiators

  • Monoplan has a unique standing within the landscape of architect firms in Switzerland. By combining architecture, interior design and branding under one roof, we are particularly well-placed to meet the needs of projects from the hospitality sector. Leading in hospitality, architects, branding

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  • Construction management, project development, cost planning Integrated contractor around properties and construction, starting at the project’s development over planning and supervision until its facility management.

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  • Specialised engineering company. Building technology partner for planning and designing environmental friendly and sustainable concepts.

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