W&P Engineering

Strategy: Brand Strategy, Positionning
Design: Brand Revamp, Iconography
Digital: Web design, UI Kit, Front End

New strategic positioning and development of a refreshed brand identity for W&P Engineering — a German engineering office focused on renewable energy solutions.


The logo consists of two key elements: the W&P name, in the elegant font ‘Azo - light’, and a minimalistic icon. The icon’s design incorporates four main meanings. The hexagon symbolizes efficiency and consciousness, the cube represents a building block, the circular motion indicates sustainability, and a wind turbine stands for renewable energy.

The Colour Palette

Our Typography

Europa is used in uppercase for the headlines, and Azo for the body text. Both are elegant sans serif fonts that help the brand convey a sense of professionalism and expertise.



We created an icon set to illustrate the different areas of expertise that come together in W&P. Each icon was created with clean lines and balanced proportions.

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