W&P Engineering

Building Service Technology & Renewable energy solutions

With the challenges brought along by climate change and the ever-growing energy demand, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more pressing. W&P Engineerings vision is to be an impactful company and lay the groundwork for a world powered entirely by green energy.

Rebranding & Positionning

Rebranding W&P was an incredible journey that began with creative positioning, brand platform development and creating a new and unique brand identity that reflects its innovative and high-end nature whilst upholding its values.

Logo revamp

with the different division


excerpt from the extensive catalogue

Brand Guidelines

Media Platform

From concept to network our team had the pleasure to be in charge of building this trailblazing platform and shaping the 360 solution together with the initiators Monoplan, IGP and W&P Engineering AG.

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Corporate Website

By starting the process of developing a creative positioning/ brand platform followed by that was the finding and definition of a Name creation and the developemt of a the brand Identity

Social media

Grow a social media audience to share project, new developments, increase the interest in W&P Engineering and attract talented and like minded people and companies to work together.