Strategy / Brand Strategy, Positionning
Design / Brand Identity
Digital / Web design, UI Kit, Front End

Infener is a swiss-based energy tech company providing decentralised system solutions with a focus on hydrogen.


The letter « I » logo symbol is inspired from a door opening, which symbolizes the forward thinking approach of Infener and the trailblazing aspirations of the brand.

The grid

The grid pattern is used to symbolize how Infener’s solutions aim to decentralize energy production and promote a fully independant energy grid for their customers.

The color

Gold is the main brand color and should be used in whatever
we create. Gold can be used with any other brand color to add dimension, depth, and contrast.

It can in certain cases be used for large fills and backgrounds.
Infener must be portrayed at all time as a high-end energy solution provider. It is therefore important to keep balance and white space
in mind when using the color palette..


Noway is a condensed sans serif font that conveys to the brand messaging an elegant and technologicaly advanced look end feel.

It is perfectly legible both in small and large type.

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